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Professional experience. Exhibitions of painting, sculpture, installations, video art, graphics and interior decorations.

  • International Biennial Print Exhibit , National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, Cina.
  • Group exhibition “Più di trenta” Studio Gennai contemporary art gallery, Pisa, Italy.
  • Solo exhibition “Tangram” The seven stones of wisdom, “I Pazzi” gallery, Pisa, Italy.

  • Solo exhibition. Painting, engraving and sculpture. Zeidoros Art Space, Kithera - Greece.

  • Group exhibition of sculpture, Gallery of the Society of Macedonian Studies.
  • Partecipation at the second Festival Urban Art “In Contemporanea” Tonara, Sardinia, Italy

  • “The recycling tree” - Sculpture, F. Moretti & Th. Papagiannis - Serres, Greece

  • Solo exhibition. The original illustration of the book “Pou paei o ilios otan fevghi ?”, Melinghi Art Gallery, Dodoni - Greece.

  • Solo exhibition. The original illustration of the book “Pou paei o ilios otan fevghi ?”, Fougaro - The Gallery, Nafplio - Greece.


  • ‘Ergalianthropos’, sculpture for the History of the Medcine Museum, University of Ioannina, Ioannina - Greece.

  • Solo exhibition “La Grecia di Francesco Moretti” Kalogera art gallery, Mykonos, Greece.

  • Solo exhibition "Sculpture, engraving and painting", Fougaro Art Space - Le Cafè, Nafplio - Greece.

  • Solo exhibition “Argilio”, Melinghi Art Gallery, Dodoni - Greece.

  • Group exhibition “Shades of wine” organised by Tecnohoros Art Gallery, Palivos Estate, Nemea - Greece.


  • Group exhibition "Pocket Art", Art Gallery Milan (curator by Federica Morandi)
  • Homage to his work as “Artist of the month” for December 2015, in Art Gallery Associazione Culturale, Milano - Italy.
  • Participation by invitation at the 6° Simposio of Sculpur at the Museom of Contemporary Art Th. Papagiannis and permanent installation of the sculpture" Q-Art code" in a public space in Ioannina - Grecia
  • Solo exhibition "Antiparokes", Technohoros gallery, Athens - Greece
  • Solo exhibition "The Shape of the things that are", Zeidoros Art Space, Kythira- Greece
  • Group exhibition, "Big Crisis, Small Art" Galleria Follon Your Art, Kythira, Greece
  • Solo exhibition "Retrospectiva", Technohoros gallery Ioannina - Greece

    • International Biennale of Contemporary Art of Casablanca - Marocco

    • Participation by invitation at the 5° Simposio of Sculpur at the Museom of Contemporary Art Th. Papagiannis and permanent installation of the sculpture in a public space “Orizzonte” at the Monastery of Tzukas, Elleniko, Ioannina - Grecia

    • Solo exhibition “Nemo Propheta in patria”, Palazzo Ducale, Lucca - Italy

    • Group exhibition “IFITRY” artisti tra italia e Marocco, Exhibition Centre SMS, Pisa - Italia

    • Group exhibition “40 x 40”, Studio Gennai, Pisa, Italy

    • Group exhibition, “Messolonghi and the Lord Byron” Pinacoteca of Messolonghi, Greece

    • Group exhibition, “Messolonghi and the Lord Byron” Technochoros Gallery, Athens, Greece

    • Group exhibition “Art is DLife” Porta Gallery, Atene - Grecia (curator by Dimitra Limniati)

    • Participation by invitation at the residential art workshop at "Iftry" Center for Contemporary Art, Essaoura, Morocco.

    • Group exhibition "Fiftieth international exhibition of book art," King St. Stephen Museum. Szekesfehervar, Hungary

    • Group exhibition "Technohoros Enfrai Kardia" Palivos Winery, Nemea, Greece.

    • Group exhibition, "Lembesi art" gallery Technohoros, Athens, Greece.

    • Group exhibition "Liber" art books and bookmarks, Studio Gennai gallery, Pisa, Italy

    • Group exhibition "Art vs. Crisis" Porta Gallery, Athens, Greece

    • Group exhibition "Bo Project" Botrini's restaurant, Athens, Greece

    • Solo exhibition, “Le non - cartoline dalla Gecia”, gallery Technohoros gallery, Athens, Greece

    • "Lembessiart", open air art-event in Akropolis, Athens, organized by Technohoros gallery

    • Group exhibition, "Freska kai Spartarista", Ilioachnina gallery, Aegina island, Greece

    • Group exhibition  Il Bisonte gallery, “Un segno inciso unisce Firenze e Atene" Florence, Italy

    • Engraving group exhibition National Romain Museum “Terme Dioclesiano”, Roma, Italy

    • Partecipation as artist at "ElectroBAU n°9" Contemporary Culture Container. 2012 edition.

    • Group exhibition “In Liber-tà, libri d’artista” Fornace Pasquinucci, Capraia, Florence, Italy

    • Solo exhibition "TEXNH", Macelleria d'Arte gallery, Saint Gallen, Switzerland        


    • Group exhibition "Bucher Kunst" at the gallery Tar Tar and Macelleria d'Arte, Saint Gallen, Switzerland.

    • Group exhibition "In Liber-tà" Studio Gennai gallery & SMS Centre for contemporary art - Pisa, Italy

    • Group exhibition "Μazi" Athens Art Space gallery - Mary Alexiou, Athens, Greece.

    • Group exhibition "Afieroma ston Kinematografo" Athens Art Space gallery - Mary Alexiou, Athens, Greece.

    • Group exhibition "I Love..." Athens Art Space gallery - Mary Alexiou, Athens, Greece.

    • Group exhibition "Palirroia" Contemporary Painters at Kalkida - Curated by Mary Alexiou. Kokkino Spiti, Kalkida Greece.

    • Group exhibition "Give Me A Sign" Artville gallery - Athens, Greece.

    • Mural painting "Roots in cement"  22 mt. height  and 10 mt. width . Kipseli, Athens - Greece.


    • Solo exhibition, "Granazia that tlp ..." , creations with recycling industry materials, Artistic Studio Kinitiras Residance, Athens, Greece.

    • Decorazione della Caffetteria Stekkino, Patrasso, Grecia.


    • Mostra collettiva "Icona,Choron, Drassi" organizzata dall'unione degli artisti greci, Kalitecnopoli, Atene, Grecia.

    • Mostra personale "Prokes", Vineria Crudo, Gasi, Atene, Grecia.


    • Mostra collettiva presso la Galleria Maria Gouma, Nafplio, Grecia.

    • Skiglia sto Parco (Zoo story), Installazione di video-art alla performance del gruppo Ouga Klara, Sallonicco, Grecia.

    • Interior design at Cafe Stekkino, Patras, Greece.


    • Solo exhibition, "Ferro", at the Gallery Maria Gouma of Nafplio, Greece

    • Participation in the Second edition of the Athens Video Art Festival with the video "Prolaveno den prolaveno" and the video installation "Polli", Anghelovima, Athens.

    • Group exhibition, "Zosimades Drassis", Ioannina, Greece.

    • Participation in Pixeldance Video Art Festival 2006 with the video Pornoatempo and Prolavenodenprolaveno.

    • Participation in the Digital Film and Video Festival Micropolis.

    • Participation in the 9th edition of Panorama International Independent Video Producers, involvement with the video Pornoatempo, Patras, Greece.


    • Group exhibition at Gallery Titanium, Athens, Greece.


    • Design of the covers of the "Biographical Dictionary of Italian anarchists" and "Anarchism and Modernity" by Salvo Vaccaro, BFS editions.

    • Design of the flyers of the season 2004-5 for Metarock club, Cascina, Pisa, Italy.

    • " E lo sai..." and "Pornodance", videos selected for the competition Videominuto-Pop TV Pecci Museum in Prato, Italy.

    • "Scherza coni santi", selected video of the contest Raccorti Pisani.

    • Group exhibition at Titanium gallery, Athens, Greece.

    • Participation with 2 videos in the Video Festival "Miden, Kalamata, Greece.


    • Shooting for the interview with the sculptor Fernando Bottero on behalf of the Dutch TV, Pietrasanta.

    • Group exhibition of engravings "Puttane di Zinco", Cantiere San Bernardo, Pisa, Italy..


    • Videoinstallation "Bachinorama", Link, Bologna, Italy.

    • Decoration and artistic image design of the Propaganda Club and the Propaganda Lounge, Basel, Switzerland.

    • Decoration of the restaurant Casa Cuba, Zurich, Switzerland.

    • Curator and general organization of the exhibition "Segni della Strada" of the artist Marco Eberle from Liechtenstein under the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa and the Municipality of Schaan (Liechtenstein)

    • Group exhibition of video installations, "Bachinorama" Casa Pia, Lucca, Italy.


    • Photo-installation, "Drag Queens", Propaganda Club, Basel, Switzerland

    • Group exhibition, "Affioramenti" (selected artist of the Biennale of Young Artists), Stazione Leopolda, Pisa, Italy.

    • Video instalation “Bachinorama” Hops, Cantiere sociale temporaneo, Pisa, Italy.

    • Group exhibition of video installations, organized by Giacomo Verde, Casa Pia, Lucca, Italy


    • Solo exhibition, "Shopping & Fucking, soap-opera trash", Teatro della Limonaia, Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, Italy.

    • Group exhibition, "Biennale of Young Artists", 2nd edition, Palazzo Lanfranchi, Pisa, Italy

    • Group exhibition, "Arte Senza Tempo" Ex Tartaric Factory, Alexandria, Italy.

    • Group exhibition, "Boom Boom", Studio Gennai, Pisa, Italy.


    • Group exhibition, "Acquatrium", Great Theatre of Angers, France


    • Solo exhibition, "Oxidation", Cagliostro, Pisa, Italy.

    • Solo exhibition, "Ready to Eat, or issues of stomach, a fotogastronomic exhibition", Arsenale Cult, Pisa, Italy

    • Group exhibition, "Arte senza tempo" , Ex Silver Factory , Alexandria, Italy.

    • Group exhibition, " Biennale of Young Artists", 1st edition, Palazzo della Limonaia, Pisa, Italy.

    • Group exhibition, Foundation Irini "Melina Mercouri" Cultural Center, Athens, Greece


    • Group exhibition of graphic works, "An exhibition on Chiapas, an exhibition for Chiapas", for which he designed posters and leaflet

    • Solo exhibition, "Corde e Lamiere", Il Cagliostro, Pisa, Italy.

    • Solo exhibition, "Engravings", Arsenal Cult, Pisa, Italy.


    • Group exhibition, "Arte in Piazza", Square of Vettovaglie Pisa, Italy.

    • Group exhibition at the Meccano Club, Florence / staff, plates, Circle J. Pollock, Pisa, Italy


    • Group exhibition, "Students in Show", Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy.


    • Group exhibition, "Students in Show", Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy.


    • Produces a number of murals in public places in Pisa (Hotel Helvezia, bar La Tazza d'oro, bar Old West) and in Switzerland at the Haberenbad club in Lucerne, Swizzerland.
    • Works as graphic designer and editorial photographer for the Cooperative Library Franco Serantini, Pisa.


    • Paints a mural of 30mt inside the Insomnia nightclub, Ponsacco (Pi) Italy.

    • Group exhibition "Art & Anarchy" Lanfranchi Palace, Pisa, and the municipal library, Pontedera, Italy


    • Paints three murals in the Liceo artistico di Lucca, and works as a cartoonist for newspapers like "Umanità Nova", "Senza Patria", "Zero in Condotta".


    • Works with K. Haring in the mural "Tutto Mondo", Saint Antonio's square, Pisa - Italy.

    Theater and Film - Art director, lighting design, lighting technician

    2001  - "La Polveriera", by Dejan Dukovski, directed by Alessia Todeschini and Christina Zoniou (Festival Communicare fa Male Fivvizzano / Entertainment selected to the finals of the competition  scenario Award 2001)

    2002  - "Una Morte Legale", directed by Christina Zoniou (Teatro San Andrea, Pisa) - set design, video, light design. "S' era tutti sovversivi", participation in the production of the documentary film, directed by Giacomo Verde, BFS.

    2002-2004 - As stage director at the theatrical festival and productions of Tohatro! At Cantiere San Bernardo, Pisa.

    2003  - "Il Diavolo al Mulino", directed by Christina Zoniou (Cantiere San Bernardino and Stazione Leopolda, Pisa / Theatre Romanengo, Romanengo (Cremona)

    2003-04 - As stage director at the theatre festival "Utopia del Buon Gusto," Valdera (PI).

    2004  - "La Parata" by L. Anagnostaki directed by Serena Mannelli (Cantiere San Bernardo, Pisa)
    "Sottosopra", written and directed by Virginia Martini, La Blanca, Villa Comunale, Seravezza (La Spezia) and Buggerru (Sardinia)
    "Sana e robusta costituzione", written and directed Virginia Martin, La Blanca, (La Sapienza University di Pisa)
    "Le Storie di San Bernardo", directed by Christina Zoniou, Teatro Toh! (Cantiere San Bernardo, Pisa)
    "Tre Secondi", short film, directed by Federico Micali, First prize in the 2004 edition Monfilmfest
    "Non si sà dove si va, ma ci si va", lyrics by Bianciardi, director Maria Cassi & Leonardo Brizzi, Teatro Puccini, Florence, and Orizzonti Festival, Chiusi (Siena) - lighting design.
    "Maria delle Lenticchie", written and directed by Virginia Martin, La Blanca (Space Archipelago, Carrarra).